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Preferred Choice Insurance and Financial Group Blog: car insurance

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3 Easy Ways to Reduce the Risk of a Car Crash   Spring is right around the corner, and the warmer weather often prompts people in The Woodlands to hop in their cars for weekend (or longer) road trips.   Unfortunately, too many of those trips will end up being memorable for the wrong reasons, due to crashes and other risks that drivers face anytime they hit the road. READ MORE >>

Teens and Car Insurance - How It Works and How to Get the Best Rates When teenagers first begin to drive, they quickly discover that auto insurance is and will continue to be a major factor in their driving lives. First, they discover that it is required by state laws. READ MORE >>

How your credit score, job, and education level affect what you pay for auto insurance Your credit score is used by car insurance companies to determine what you pay. It's important to know your score before you shop for insurance. Many car insurance companies now use your credit score to determine what you pay. READ MORE >>

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